whats the buzzzzz! Goosenecks #20/850 & 20/853 is the Buzzzzz!
  Goosenecks #20/850 & 20/853 are the Buzzzzz!   Buzzzzz!: Primelite #20/850 & 20/853 Fixture: Goosenecks Establishment: Meg Smith & Associates Real Estate Location: Bayshore, NY Installation: Exterior, Storefront, Signs Color: Black  […]

What is the Buzzzzz! Bayshore, NY?

primelite wall sconce #59-LED40 Special
  Primelite Mfg is proud to introduce our newest LED fixture, Up and Down Wall Sconce #59-LED40-Special. Whether its called a wall sconce, wall bracket or an up and down wall cylinder, […]

Primelite. Up and Down and All Around

whats the buzzzzz! in Manhattan? Gooseneck #20/855 is the Buzzzzz!
Gooseneck #20/855 is the Buzzzzz!   Buzzzzz!: Primelite #20/855 Fixture: Gooseneck Establishment: The District (restaurant) Location: Manhattan, NY Installation: Exterior, Storefront, Canopies Color: Black  What’s the Buzzzzz! Manhattan? Gooseneck #20/855 is the […]

What is the Buzzzzz! Manhattan?

primelite street light #1100 & #1101 LED176
  They Look Alike, They Lite Alike, They Sometimes Even Brite the Night   Primelite proudly announces the latest additions to their Dark Sky* arsenal, Street Lights #1100 and #1101. Each fixture comes […]

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Prime-lite

Streetlight #1232 LED84
Neither Snow nor Rain nor Gloom of Night Nothing. Nothing! Keeps Primelite Mfg from its commitment to help “Brighten Your World, Not Our Planet“! Today we are proud to introduce the […]

Primelite. The Strong, Bright and Silent Type

  Primelite Gooseneck #30/16-853 is the Buzzzzz!   Buzzzzz! Specs: Catalog: #30/16-853 Style: Gooseneck Size: Dia. 16″ H 18 ½” Ext 30″    Lamp: Edison Style Base – Incandescent, PLT, LED […]

What is the Buzzzzz! in Brooklyn, NY?

post light #1230/5 LED72
  …Should Be Nature’s Own!  This week’s LED Spotlight is another “Best of Primelite.”  Primelite continues to “Brighten Your World”, while not contributing to light pollution, with the release of […]

The Only Lights Brightening The Night Skies…

What’s the Buzzzzz! Red Mango? Primelite Gooseneck #21/864 is the Buzzzzz!
Primelite Gooseneck #21/864 is the Buzzzzz!    Buzzzzz! Specs: Catalog: #21/864 Style: Gooseneck Size: Dia. 9″ | Ext 34″    Lamp: Edison Style Base – Incandescent, PLT, LED   Construction: Aluminum […]

What is the Buzzzzz! Red Mango?

buzzzzz! Kate Spade / Primelite globe #487/3S
  Primelite Globe #487/3S is the Buzzzzz!     Buzzzzz! Specs: Catalog: #478/3S Style: Globe Size: Dia. 18″    Lamp: Edison Style Base – Incandescent, PLT, LED   Construction: Globe: Polycarbonate, […]

What is the Buzzzzz! Kate Spade?

whats the buzz? Gooseneck #20/853 is the buzz!
Primelite Gooseneck #20/853 is the Buzzzzz!    We may not know what the building will hold, but with Primelite lighting the way it’ll be a success! Click To Tweet   […]

What’s the Buzzzzz! Freeport, NY?