Primelite's Catalog "C" featuring our LED selection of interior and exterior fixtures.
Primelite Manufacturing is proud to announce our updated LED catalog, Catalog “C”, highlighting our full line of Primelite’s latest interior and exterior LED fixtures. Featuring Gooseneck and Angle Shades, Post Globes and […]

Introducing Primelite's Updated LED Catalog

    Gooseneck #20/850 ESW is the Buzz🐝zzz!     Buzz🐝zzz!:  Fixtures: Gooseneck #20/850 ESW Location:  Greek Islands Mediterranean Cuisine, Little Neck, NY Installation: Exterior | Storefront | Signage           […]

What is the Buzz🐝zzz! in Little Neck, NY?

  Bright Lights at Nights: Primelite Bollards    Primelite Manufacturing is proud to announce a new addition to our LED catalog, the Bollard #5310-3 LED20. With its integrated LED, our bollards are perfect […]

Primelite Really Shines On The Waterfront

gooseenck #38/853 | Harvard Square, MA
  Gooseneck #38/853 is the Buzz🐝zzz!   Buzz🐝zzz!:  Fixtures: Gooseneck #38/853 Location:  The World’s Only Curious George Store, Harvard Square, MA Installation: Exterior | Storefront | Signage       Buzz🐝zzz!Specs: Catalog: #38/853 Style:  […]

What is the Buzz🐝zzz! in Harvard Square, MA?

  Gooseneck #20/875 & Pendant #39/23 are the Buzz🐝zzz!     Buzz🐝zzz!: Primelite #20/875 | Primelite #39/23 Fixtures:      Gooseneck #20/875 (Special)      Pendant #39/23 Location:  Out to Lunch, Lakewood, NJ […]

What is the Buzz🐝zzz! in Lakewood, NJ?

  Gooseneck #20/874 is the Buzz🐝zzz!   Buzz🐝zzz!: Primelite #20/874 Fixture: Gooseneck #20/874 Location:  Comeback Physical Therapy, East Revere, MA Installation: Exterior | Storefront | Signage       Buzz🐝zzz!Specs: Catalog: Primelite #20/874 Style:  Gooseneck […]

What is the Buzz🐝zzz! in East Revere, MA?

    🌃 …Should Be Nature’s Own! 🌃   This week’s LED Spotlight is a “Best of Primelite.”    Primelite continues to “Brighten Your World”, while not contributing to light pollution, with […]

The Only Lights illuminating The Night Skies…

    Gooseneck #19/16-850 is the Buzz🐝zzz!     Buzz🐝zzz!: Primelite #19/16-850 Fixture: Gooseneck #19/16-850 Location:  World Supermarket, Plainfield, NJ Installation: Exterior | Storefront | Signage           Buzz🐝zzz!Specs: Catalog: Primelite #19/16-850 […]

What is the Buzz🐝zzz! in Plainfield, NJ?

  in ⚫ & ⚪ !   Black and White. Chic! Black and White. Classic! Black and White. Simply! Black and White. Statement colors! Though, technically, not actual colors,* Black and White are probably the […]

Primelite in Black and White!

    Orange “IS”  The New Orange!   “The color orange … a combination of red and yellow … a bright and warm color … fire, sun, fun, warmth … […]

Orange is the New Orange!

  Industrial Pendant #423/10-123-4WG is the Buzz🐝zzz!   Buzz🐝zzz!: Primelite #423/10-123-4WG (Special w/Jelly Jar) Fixture: Pendant | Industrial Series Location:  Curtis Lumber, Ballston Spa, NY Installation: Interior           […]

What is the Buzzzzz! in Ballston Spa, NY?