🌠A sweet farewell and Good Luck to Louie Volpe🌠   Primelite Manufacturing Corp takes this time to say our farewell to our beloved Louie Volpe. Louie Volpe […]

A sweet farewell and Good Luck to Louie🌠

  Turning your Old into New!♻️   For over 50 years Primelite Mfg has hand-made and hand-assembled our Gooseneck, Angle Shade, Sign and Post Mount Lights in our New York warehouse. We […]

Turning Your Old Into New with Primelite’s LED!

     🌠Adore and adorn with Primelite’s Deco Glass Globe Pendant 🌠   Primelite continues to bring you innovation and singularity with Deco Glass #348/5 LED48 3K! This is part of […]

Adorn and adore with Primelite

  Falling through the looking Lens📷   As the next season starts, we’re taking a look back at some of our most popular summer hits!  For over 50 years Primelite […]

Falling through the looking Lense!

globe pendant #288/3 LED90
  “Get Your Globe On!”    It’s time to Globe! It’s time to Glow! It’s time to get your Globe on, with our versatile and multifaceted Globes!   Globe Pendant #288/3 […]

Get Your Globe On!

gooseneck #57/865 ESW LED
  “YeeHaw!”    Get along lil‘ doggies, there’s a new gooseneck in town – Gooseneck #57/865 ESW LED24 – and Primelite is pleased to reintroduce this flexible beauty, now available in a […]

There’s a New Primelite Gooseneck in Town

garden light #26/721-4WG LED
  A Garden’s ✨Glimmer ✨Glint ✨Glow   As the summer light fades into another evening’s dusk, an illuminating secret is revealed. For what was once hidden can now be savored in the glimmer of a […]

Welcome To The Secret Of A Garden’s Light