ceiling flush #5724 LED47
  ¡ƃuᴉlᴉǝɔ ǝɥʇ uo ƃuᴉɔuɐp ǝʞᴉl lǝǝɟ ǝʍ ‘ƃuᴉlǝǝɟ ɐ ʇɐɥʍ ɥO   Primelite Mfg is excited to introduce a brand new LED fixture this week – Ceiling Flush #5724 […]

Oh What a Feeling, We’re Dancing on the Ceiling!

primelite street light #1100 & #1101 LED176
  They Look Alike, They Lite Alike, They Sometimes Even Brite the Night   Primelite proudly announces the latest additions to their Dark Sky* arsenal, Street Lights #1100 and #1101. Each fixture comes […]

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Prime-lite

pendant #161/1164 LED22
Sparkle. Shimmer. Glimmer. Glow Joining the sparkling ranks of Primelite’s LED lighting fixtures, Prismatic Pendant #161/1164 LED22 is as impressive as it is practical. Introduce a spectacular installation to any […]

Sparkle. Shimmer. Glimmer. Glow.

Factory Shade / Barn Light #23/16-612
Whether you call them Factory Shades, Barn Lights or wall sconces, our angle arm light fixtures are stylish, strong and now available in LED. Primelite’s Featured Fixture this week is #23/16-612 […]

Primelite Designing the Best, For the Best

Pendant #23/19-LED22
Primelite Featured Fixture this week is another in our Factory Shade series, Pendant #23/19-LED22. Industrial and chic before its time, our factory shades are a blast from Primelite’s past. In fact […]

Soaring in Dance to the Light of the Room

gooseneck #23/7-613 LED12
    Primelite’s Featured Fixture this week is another from our Factory Shade collection, Gooseneck #23/7-613 LED12. Industrial and chic before its time, our factory shades are a blast from Primelite’s past. […]

LED, As If In A Dream

Whats the buzz in south hampton?
Primelite Factory Shades #23/16WG & #23/19 are the Buzzzzz!   Buzzzzz!: Primelite #23/16WG LED22 & #23/19 LED22 Fixture: Factory Shades Establishment: Schmidt’s Market (speciality food market) Location: South Hampton, NY Installation: […]

What is the Buzzzzz! in South Hampton?

Gooseneck #23-16-850-LED22
This week Primelite Mfg. introduces the LED22 version of our fixture #23/16-850. This classic Gooseneck is now available with 2 LED options, LED12 and the new LED22. The #23/16-850 weds […]

Featured Fixture: #23/16-850 LED22

Primelite #914S LED88
Primelite Mfg. is proud to introduce our new line of LED fixtures, the “Spider Series.” Our “Spider” pendants offer clean, modern lines with a smart and refreshing simplicity. Incorporating the […]

Featured LED Fixture: #914S LED88