Falling through the looking Lense!


Falling through the looking LensšŸ“·


As the next season starts, we’re taking a look back at some of our most popular summer hits!Ā 

For over 50 years Primelite Mfg has hand-made and hand-assembled ourĀ Gooseneck, Angle Shade, Sign and Post Mount Lights in our New York warehouse. We continue to use the same ā€œold skoolā€ craftsmanship, and even some of our original ā€œold skoolā€ craftsmen, to produce the high-quality lighting fixtures you’ve come to expect.Ā And now available with LED options!



We’re taking a look at our Pendants that are nothing but classic as it can be and not boxed into any category! From elegant and sleek to fun and embellishing! WhetherĀ installed in a restaurant, office, warehouse, retail setting, even in a chic modern residence, our Pendant’s would be the shining star of any castle.



Not only will you bring a style and shine to anyĀ environment, you will also be enjoying the power consumption savings of our LEDĀ systems. our Pendants are crafted from 100% aluminum, includes our most powerful LED12, 10ā€² of vinyl cord and a Clear Glass Prismatic Jelly Jar.Ā 



Our Sign Light’s are bright and powerful, making them perfect for lighting large signs, storefronts, wall washings and more! In fact, this fixtureā€™s a perfectĀ size and lumination for use in parking lots, alleyways, anywhere strong, and cost-effective, lighting is needed.Ā Also known as Utilitarian in both design and function offers a strong and bright spread of LED illumination.



Primeliteā€™sĀ Garden LightsĀ are constructed of cast aluminum and designed with style and practicality. Add in the power consumption savings from our integrated LED chips, and our lights are as cost effective as they are durable.Ā 



And remember ā€“ once you add in the power consumption savings, our pendants, with integrated LED systems, are as cost-effective as they areĀ durable!Ā Primelite Mfg offers a 5-year warranty on all our integrated LED systems (iLEDs)!

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