Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Prime-lite

primelite street light twins #1100 LED176 & #1101 LED176


They Look Alike, They Lite Alike,

They Sometimes Even Brite the Night


Primelite proudly announces the latest additions to their Dark Sky* arsenal, Street Lights #1100 and #1101. Each fixture comes complete with 176 Watts of LED brightness and is offered with, or without, a lens. Our twins offer some of the brightest night street lighting available and include a prismatic lens to seal the LED array. Street Light #1100 offers an open design, while #1101 comes complete with a polycarbonate prismatic outer conical lens. With the LED array nestled securely in their aluminum caps, both fixtures are Dark Sky compliant. 

primelite streetlight #1100 LED176 primelite streetlight #1101 LED176

Our Street Lights #1100 & #1101 offer bright, pleasant, and safe street level illumination and are perfect in any urban, suburban or commercial exterior situation. Commercial and retail buildings, restaurants, office exteriors, parking lots and walkways would all benefit from the cost savings of our LED lights. Our twins add a sophisticated and classic silhouette to any exterior installation and would be perfect atop any of our 3″ aluminum or cast aluminum posts (Shown with post series #7700).


primelite streetlight #1100 LED176 primelite streetlight #1101 LED176

Specs: #1100 LED176 | #1101 LED176

Style: Street Light, Post Light, Dark Sky* Compliant, Streetlight, Exterior

Size:  Ht. 19⅞″ | Wt. 26¾ 
Lamp: LED176, 5K (24,553 Lumens)
Construction: Base, Arms & Cap: Cast Aluminum
Lens: Polycarbonate, Prismatic, Conical (#1101) 
Installations: Commercial, municipal and retail exteriors, restaurants, office exteriors, parking lots, walkways, parks
Post: Fits any of our 3″ aluminum or cast aluminum posts. Shown atop post series #7700 
Finish: Black

Technical drawing primelite streetlight #1100 LED176

Technical Drawing: Street Light #1100 LED176

Technical drawing primelite streetlight #1101 LED176

Technical Drawing: Street Light #1101 LED176


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